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Helping you and your connections make better decisions

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help people make better decisions.

Our mission is to build technologies that connect people to each other in positive and constructive feedback loops.

Founded in 2018, Decidable began with a simple question - does my opinion really matter? 


Still in it's infancy, Deciable is helping individuals and teams make better decisions by facilitating simple feedback collection, quick opinion analysis, and closed-loop communication models. 

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Our Team

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Drew Hall

CEO and Co-Founder

Drew is a tireless optimist and a vocal champion for social happiness.


He is relentlessly focused on solving the decision-making challenges that plague corporate environments, the halls of government, start-ups and small business, and even personal choices.  Drew believes AI and IoT will transform not just how decisions are made, but who/what is in fact making them, and founded Decidable believing deeply that the technology needs to not just serve us, but to understand us, to help us make better decisions, and ultimately live better lives.

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Cassondra "Clare" Hall
CXO and Co-Founder

Clare believes that everyone can benefit from a deeper connection with their community.

She is focused on the way individuals use Decidable to connect with their family and friends, and ultimately, how these interactions form stronger communities.  Clare beleives postivie feedback loops are critical for friendships, teams, and entrire organizations to thrive, and her continuous focus is on ensuring that this function is delivered, withouht sacrificing the fun!

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