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Helping you and your connections make better decisions

Step 1 - Go Mobile

No more emails, no more inbox.  Engage with your community on their mobile devices and never loose their attention.

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Step 2 - Join and/or Create Teams

Join teams with a click., or create teams with a premium account  Teams can be set to be public or private, so whatever the decision may be, only the connections you want respond.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 8.48.08 AM.png

Step 3 - Invite Users

Share App store links directly, send an SMS link, push an invite email directly from the app.  Sign-up is fast and easy.

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Step 4 - Ask Questions 

Pick a date, write the question, add supporting media.  Choose to post to a public or private team, or, send directly to your connections.  Be anonymous or be yourself.  Only ask Yes / No questions.

How 4.png

Step 5 - Get Answers 

Review each question's Yes / No split percentage, and drill into the reasoning why provided by responders.

How 5.png

Step 6 - Make Decisions

With decision date due, it's time to decide.  Review the answers and make the choice.  Each responder is notified of the decision, closing the question and more importantly, providing transparency and reasoning to the decision.

How 6.png
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