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Helping you and your connections make better decisions

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"Hi there - welcome to Decidable!


We started Decidiable on the idea that there is truth to the saying "there is wisdom in the crowd".   


Our app helps you connect with the important people in your life (or at your job), makes it easy for you to ask them for help with an upcoming decision you have, and then once you've decided - it lets your connections know what you decided and why. 


Closing the loop let's others know they've been heard, and, that their opinions are important.  It's our belief that the more we listen to others, the more we learn about ourselves, which then allows us to be better to each other.  

But enough about what we think - join us on Decidable and let us know what you think!

Clare & Drew


Decidable is also for organizations!


Check out what it can do...


Leverage the collective wisdom of your community and discover insights not typically found through traditional survey methodology.


Engaged your community in continuous improvement and increase overall performance output.


Discover what sets your organization apart and deliver a world-class experience



Make decisions that matter to your organization with the confidence of knowing your stakeholders support you.

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